RM Showed His Arm Muscles Again, Now Fans Can’t Keep It Together

You can’t spell “arms” without “RM”.

BTS‘s RM doesn’t go sleeveless often, but whenever he does, ARMYs notice. Really notice.


Just last month, RM’s airport fashion stressed fans out, in the best way. When BTS returned home from their handshake event in Japan, RM wore this outfit. It attracted lots of attention, for obvious reasons.


On August 6, BTS tweeted this photo of themselves seeing Bring The Soul: The Movie, which hits select theaters on August 7. As always, ARMYs zeroed in on the details, like the lapel mics…


…and RM’s arms.


Once again, RM stans are feeling attacked, but they don’t mind…


too much.


After all, you can’t spell “arms” without RM!