BTS’s RM Spills On How Ed Sheeran Gifted Them With “Make It Right”

“Actually, we still cannot believe it.”

In an interview for 102.7KIISFM, JoJo Wright pointed out how BTS‘s “Make It Right” is a favorite among ARMY and asked how the collaboration between them and Ed Sheeran came to be.


RM shared the simple process of how it happened, saying it had taken them all by surprise as well. Until this day, they still can’t believe that it happened.

It all started when Ed Sheeran managed to get into contact with them. Out of the blue, he’d expressed interest in sharing some of his songs with BTS. It wasn’t merely two artists discussing working together.

Ed just suddenly contacted us, with his songs.

RM revealed that Ed Sheeran had told them he had a present for them. It turned out to be a song, which he ended up sending to them.

He said [he had] a present, and he actually sent the song for us.

That song is what everyone now knows as “Make It Right”, which even has a version featuring Lauv.

And, that was “Make It Right”. And, that is just how that happened. Couldn’t believe it.

Almost a year ago, Ed Sheeran admitted to writing a song specifically for BTS and hoped they would be doing something with it. He certainly got his wish.

Listen to RM tell the story of how their collaboration with Ed Sheeran became real here.