BTS’s RM, “Squid Game” Actor Wi Ha Joon, And Machine Gun Kelly Wore The Same Suit But Served Totally Different Vibes

They all look so good!

What does the leader of BTS, RM, and Squid Game actor Wi Ha Joon have in common? Let us count the ways…

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Wi Ha Joon in “Squid Game.” | Netflix

Obviously, they both have “Joon” in their names, Kim Namjoon and Wi Ha Joon. Don’t get us started on those smiles…

Let us say at least they are both incredibly fit…

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But there’s not much they could have in common with the American rapper, singer, and actor Machine Gun Kelly, though, right?

Machine Gun Kelly

Well, they’re all talented artists in their own right. And, most recently, they did share something in common that not many can say.

They all rocked the same suit. Still being unique individuals, they served totally different vibes while doing so!

The suit in question is a bold blue and purple ombre Berluti suit from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. This wool suit in the exclusive iridescent print is by artist Lev Khesin. The jacket alone costs $3,800 USD while the trousers are $1,490 USD.

| Berluti

RM caught our attention with this suit back in August as he wore it for the group’s featured cover story and photoshoot for Billboard. While the article itself was received with criticisms, ARMY couldn’t deny that the styling and photoshoot were beautiful.

| Billboard

He wore it with the brand’s matching turtleneck. So, aside from his Saint Laurent “Dixon Buckled Boots,” which cost $1,145 USD, he was dressed in Berluti head-to-toe. His golden hair and skin were all needed to complete this look as he kept accessories to a minimum with just some simple earrings.

The suit was an excellent styling choice for this photoshoot as its color not just stood out but actually complemented the rest of the members’ colorful outfits. Not to mention the natural lighting really allowed the suits’ iridescent pattern to shine!


Machine Gun Kelly (also known as Colson Baker) was spotted in the suit just on a date rather than a photoshoot with his girlfriend actress Megan Fox (known for Jennifer’s Body and the Transformers franchise). He was one of the first celebs to be seen rocking this outfit.

The two went to The Nice Guy restaurant then a party in West Hollywood on April 8. The 30-year-old musician included the matching printed purple jersey turtleneck with his fit along with black calf leather Ultima Oxfords. His iconic bleach hair and chain around his neck made it unique to him, as is always expected with Machine Gun Kelly. Bonus: He matches his car!

Like RM, Wi Ha Joon was dressed in the suit for a magazine shoot as he is featured in Dazed Korea‘s November Issue. T x Tiffany and Co. styled him. One of the many expensive fits he wore was this suit.

| Dazed Korea

Unlike the others, he had natural black hair rather than bleached, which immediately separated him from the rest despite rocking the same matching turtleneck (clearly a favorite among stylists). What really makes his overall look different is how heavily accessorized he was. He wore a golden leaf brooch as well as layers of bracelets and rings. We also cannot ignore the prop of the shiny dog! What an iconic shoot.

While each man clearly has their own unique sense of style, there’s no denying that everyone here rocked this suit!

Source: @platinamjoon and OK!

Same Fit, Different Vibes