A BTS Fan Finds The Perfect Date To Bring To A Dance

They are living their best life.

Life-sized cardboard cut-outs of K-Pop stars are frequently part of promotional events, tourist shows, and other advertising. Of course, since K-Pop fans can make and buy their own standees of their favorite idols, fans have found a whole host of creative ways to use them, sometimes even bringing the standees to different milestone events.

For instance, American actress Aubrey Miller created an adorable Halloween couples costume withΒ BTS‘s Jimin standee.

Aubrey Miller with a BTS Jimin standee

A fan of JYJ‘s Jaejoong was surprised by their friends making their dream come true as Jaejoong was there to cheer them on through the graduation ceremony.

Fan with JYJ’s Jaejoong

And many fans have brought standees as their date to different dances, like this fan bringing EXO‘s Sehun

Fan with EXO’s Sehun

Or this especially lucky fan who not only got to attend her prom with a GOT7‘s Jackson standee but even received a reply from the idol himself.

Recently a BTS fan went viral for bringing none other than BTS’s RM himself to a dance they attended.

| @rk_sub/TikTokΒ 


Yo #Fyp


Fans loved how happy the ARMY seemed dancing with their iconic date.

And many fans were definitely taking notes for future events they would be attending.

Which is extra perfect for fans of K-Pop groups with seven members, like BTS, who can have a different “date” each day of the week.

You can read about another incredibly creative use of standees here.

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