BTS’s RM Still Doesn’t Know What His Name Stands For, Here Are All The Options So Far

BTS and ARMY have a few suggestions…

BTS‘s leader, formerly known as Rap Monster, still hasn’t decided what his initials will stand for, but his members offered a few suggestions.


RM officially changed his stage name from “Rap Monster” to “RM” back in 2017 to mark a new direction in his artistic path. He felt that Rap Monster belonged in his past, not his future.

BTS Rap Monster Officially Changes His Stage Name

“When I was a trainee, I started calling myself Rap Monster because of a song I did. Then naturally, I just kept saying this was my stage name and it stuck. After promoting under this name for awhile, I realized my name was really long and the name Rap Monster wasn’t representative of the type of music I wanted to do in the future.” — RM


It took time to get used to the change, even for the BTS members. During BTS’s June 10 broadcast, Jungkook accidentally called RM by his old nickname, “Rap Monnie”.


When J-Hope laughed, asking Jungkook if he still calls RM “Rap Monster”, Jungkook said that RM stands for “Rap Mon”.


RM was quick to correct him, saying that the meaning of “RM” still hasn’t been decided.


In reply, Suga jokingly said that “RM” doesn’t stand for “Rap Mon”; it stands for “Rap Master”.


RM asked the other members what they thought “RM” should represent, based on how they see him. J-Hope’s first suggestion was “Real Mother”.


Jungkook’s suggestion was on the sexier side: “Romance Master”.


RM approved of J-Hope’s second suggestion, “Role Model”, and stated that he will become everyone’s role model.


A.R.M.Ys have also come up with a few suggestions based on RM’s traits, including “Really Modest” and “Rhyme Master”.


You can check out the full clip here, while brainstorming your own suggestions.