BTS’s RM (And ARMY) Doesn’t Know His True Strength, But Jin Does And Here’s What He Has To Say

You don’t know it until you’ve experienced it!

BTS‘s RM is known for his leadership and sexy brains. ARMY and the public might be used to him looking like this…

…but Jin doesn’t agree! Once in 2020, Jin couldn’t help but speak up after he saw many ARMY defending RM for his cute but clumsy side. Jin saw this moment of Suga getting bounced out by RM…

…and took the chance to speak his mind.

Those that say it’s okay because it’s Namjoon, you guys need to try getting pushed by him. He’s the type to only look in front while dancing and no matter how long it’s been, I really… LOL

— Jin

Jin has all the rights in this one. He’s been pushed around on stage by RM’s huge physique one too many times.  

This one was even more funny because Jin was doing nothing but standing still, singing his heart out.

This is not the first time ARMY was exposed to RM’s strength. During one (thankful) incident on stage, he unintentionally ripped up Jungkook‘s shirt.

Unfortunately, while RM does God’s work for us, the other members are doing God’s job to protect RM from himself. J-Hope once sweetly cleared a cup out of RM’s way before any incident could happen.

It’s every man for himself when RM’s alone though. Even though he managed to keep the cake safe, less could be said about the candles.

God doesn’t give with both hands. It would be too unfair if he was even more perfect than he already is.

Source: theqoo