BTS’s Suga And RM Prove That Great Minds Don’t Always Think Alike

They had two very different ideas for J-Hope’s accessory.

Do great minds think alike? For BTS‘s RM and Suga the answer may be “no”!


On November 4, BangtanTV released a new behind the scenes video from BTS’s 2019 FESTA photoshoot. In it, the members model looks from past music videos, live shows, and more.


J-Hope‘s look wouldn’t be complete without a nod to his beloved acorn pouch. When RM and Suga saw it, they had two very different ideas about what J-Hope could carry in it.


RM said the pouch could be used to hold a few acorns. Suga, on the other hand, suggested…


…a gun, shaped like the pouch. Jin and Jungkook were thinking the same thing!


Watch the full video here: