BTS’s RM Was 200% Done With Suga’s “Lessons” And It Shows

Even BTS’s wise and patient leader has his limits.

We all have that one friend who likes to tell the same story over, and over, and over again. For RM, that friend is Suga.


On July 22, BangtanTV uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” from BTS‘s prerecording. In it, Suga gives fans a history lesson about the meaning of “Maginot Line”.


As soon as “Professor Min” starts his lecture, RM interrupts it. He says that he’s already heard it “more than twenty times”!


After that, RM encouraged Suga to continue. Unlike one particular member, he listened politely to the whole story…


..but even RM’s patience has a limit. When Suga started to give another etymology lesson, RM wasn’t having it.


He raised his arm, looking like he was about to smack Suga’s mic out of his hand!


For more, check out Suga’s explanation here and the whole video with English subtitles below: