The Surprising Bias BTS’s RM Wants To Break As An Idol

Do you think he can break it?

When many think of idols, they would automatically assume that they would be surrounded by a posse all the time. From managers to staff, one would think that idols definitely need to go around with at least a manager to prevent unexpected mishaps from occurring. However, this then leads to the misconception that idols cannot ever leave the house without a staff following them.

BTS‘s RM shared that this was one of the surprising biases people have towards idols that he wants to break.

Wherever I go, people always say like, did you come without a manager? How come you’re around without a manager? It’s dangerous outside! IT’s not a bad thing but people just have a bias towards singers, that we cannot do anything well alone. But I think it’s possible to be a star that can do things well on their own. I think it would be good to show people that such a star exists.

— RM

We think that RM is already doing his best to put this into action. Just recently, as the boys were given a long break, RM visited art museums by himself in Texas.

| @rkive/Instagram

While he of course, got a guided tour tailored for him, it’s great to see that he’s out and about without having to worry about staff, a manager or fans.