Here’s What BTS RM’s First Tattoo Originally Could Have Been, According To The Man Himself

He had more than one option in mind!

BTS‘s RM just freshly debuted his first-ever tattoo. A simple “7,” it rests on his ankle and obviously points towards the iconic number 7, which has long been associated with the group.

Although the tattoo is his first, it holds great meaning as a friendship tattoo that signifies the love he has for BTS. It is not the first time he has expressed his desire to have a tattoo! Just recently, RM talked about getting a friendship tattoo on his ankle. Here’s what the “7” could have been.

Well, I’ve only been talking about it but I haven’t actually done it. It started by me saying like, maybe I’ll get 7 dots or something, or maybe I’ll get like the Big Dipper or something, just something with 7 in it or I could just go with a simple 7 tatted. But I just want to do something on my ankle, something simple.

— RM

It seems that he’s always known that no matter what he gets, he’d get something related to “7” as well as have it on his ankle! We’d love to have seen the Big Dipper as a tattoo on him. The Big Dipper is known to be made of 7 brightly shining stars — perfect to represent BTS! We can’t wait to see what tattoo he will get next.