BTS RM’s UN Speech Is Being Taught In Class And Tested On Exams

They’re being taught by a genius.

BTS‘s RM gave an inspiring speech at the UN General Assembly with UNICEF, where he spoke about his journey to truly love himself.


English experts in Korea analyzed the speech, deeming it “clean and precise” English that is easily understandable by all levels of English speakers.

“I think the speech was more inspirational to people all around the globe because RM chose to make his points clear by using an easier level of English.”

— Dave, English Expert


Apparently, teachers all around Asia felt the same! ARMYs discovered that RM’s speech was being used to teach English from various countries.


It’s also being used as test material as students are asked to identify and analyze parts of RM’s speech.

Even elementary students in Korea are being taught English by learning his speech!


Principals even assert that all students should read and learn RM’s speech in order to be inspired to become better students!

“Our principal wrote RM’s speech on our high school board ㅠㅠ Our favorite principal told us that we need to read it before our exam tomorrow💜👨‍🏫”

— @kooktopia_901


As expected of a genius, RM is someone everyone can learn a lot from!