BTS’s V Played A Goofy Game Of “Follow The Leader” With RM

Whatever RM did, V did.

Whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes, with BTS there’s never a dull moment!


BTS’s members know how to make everything fun, including exercise. In fact, their hilarious workouts and warm ups will probably make you pine for your own gym buddy!


In a newly released “Bangtan Bomb”, plays a goofy game of “follow the leader” with leader RM backstage.


Like a cygnet, V follows this papa swan around the waiting room…


….copying everything he does. Well, almost everything!


Unlike RM, V isn’t wearing AirPods, and that might be for the best. Not long ago, RM confessed to losing dozens of AirPods, so if V kept following the leader, he’d probably lose his own!


Watch the video here: