BTS’s RM Boasts His Writer Soul With The Most Poetic “Thank You” In The New MOTS:7 Album

“Here’s to another record of us…”

In the thank you notes included in BTS‘s brand new Map of the Soul: 7 album, RM expressed the most genuine love and gratitude for ARMYs in a beautifully written message.

First, he shared how time has come to hold a new meaning in his heart.

Time goes by so diligently. Even when everything else comes to a stop, time does not. It keeps going. This is our record that has finally seen light after such a long period. These are the memoirs of our footsteps past. These are the sounds that are frozen in space. And as special as the year 2020 is on its own, I am thrilled to be putting down the seven of our names on the album, with no other words to describe us.

— RM

Then he thanked the fans for staying with him and the members through all that time.

Every time an album is released, I tend to get emotional. Nonetheless, I am grateful that the seven of us have reached a new stage. We’ve passed through countless dimensions and probabilities to get here. I am thankful that this book has come to be. I am honored to be holding on to this much luck. Thank you.

I know better now though — that the seven of us are not the only ones standing on the empty stage in the dark. I now see the silhouettes of everyone who has been here with us throughout our history. Some of them are tucked low, some are hanging unreachably high. I must say, that is what I’ve learned after 7 years of running toward the truth.

— RM

RM also acknowledge that he and BTS would not have been possible without the help of everyone…

I still don’t know all the names of those to whom I owe thanks. I probably can’t even write them all down. But I know that these names belong to my family, friends, the members, the agency, all the staff members and associates in the industry, and even to a brief message of encouragement from an unknown face. We all wear different name tags when we meet at different points in our lives, but I know that at this moment, I am able to smile and write this thank you note because of everyone who treated me with love when they crossed paths with me.

— RM

… especially ARMYs. He revealed that it is with ARMYs’ support that he learns the meaning of love a little more each day.

I know though, there is one final name that deserves to be at the end of this short story. And that name would belong to ARMYs. When I read out the word ARMY, it sounds Korean, but at times it also sounds English. Sometimes it even sounds Spanish. On that name tag, I see the names and face of all ARMYs around this planet. I fall asleep embracing these names that have come pouring into my arms like falling stars. I shall have a good dream — and I shall find the good vibe to keep going. Would this not be what true love looks like? I love you all. Thank you. Here’s to another record of us.

— RM

Upon his most sincere “Thanks To” which boasted his poetic side, ARMYs believe all that reading he has been doing paid off in this literary genius!

Source: THEQOO