BTS RM’s Favorite Song On The New Album Is “Zero O’Clock” Thanks To Jimin

Jimin truly touched RM.

On March 10 KST, BTS’s RM held a live stream to talk more in-depth about their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. He went through each of the new tracks, both group and solo, and gave his personal thoughts them.

When talking about “Zero O’clock,” he revealed that this was one of his favorite tracks on this album.

He was especially thankful to Jimin for expressing how much he liked the song and the lyrics. After Jimin heard that the lyrics were written by RM, he continued to let RM know how great and relatable the lyrics were. Even after they finished recording, Jimin would comment, “Hyung, I really love the lyrics and this song.”

RM states that he was grateful for Jimin’s thoughtful response to the song. “Honestly, saying things like that really come from the heart, especially in a generation where it’s hard to get praised for doing something.”

Although Jimin is already talented in so many ways, the fact that he was able to admit and give credit for his great work, truly touched RM. “The way he continued to tell me how good it was over and over again made me really thankful to Jimin”

RM admits that he was a bit shy from all his praise, but really felt Jimin’s sincerity in his words. “Due to Jimin’s kind words, I’ve come to love this song even more.”

Jimin is known to always be expressive with his thoughts and it seems it has truly touched leader RM!

Watch RM’s full live stream below!