BTS RM’s One-Sided Love That He Once Confessed On Camera

Things eventually turned out differently for both of them.

It is very rare for idols to open up about their love life on camera, let alone confess their one-sided feelings towards someone. But there was a time when BTS‘s RM went there and actually showed the world the pain of being in a one-sided relationship.

Back in 2016, the BTS leader participated in a show called Try To Find Me, where he gave the audience a glimpse of his everyday life. From giving a tour of his old studio to showing his favorite cafe to revealing the books he was reading at that time, RM didn’t hold back any detail of a typical day in his life.

After visiting his regular cafe, RM then headed to Seoul park. He revealed that whenever he has a lot on his mind, he visits the park to take a break. But this time, he had a companion with him, the one with who RM felt he had a one-sided love.

It was none other than his dog Rapmon! Throughout the clip, RM was trying to get his dog’s attention but to no avail. From his request to look at the camera to his attempt to get a kiss from Rapmon, every effort was royally ignored by his pet puppy.

What made things even funnier was that only when RM had some snacks for Rapmon in hand, did he give an ounce of attention to his hyung.

Defeated by his dog’s indifference, RM finally announced that he is over this unreciprocated love.

Thankfully, as years passed, the relationship between these two seems to have improved quite a lot.

From dressing his Rapmon in a cute Squid Game costume

| @rkive/Instagram

to throwing a birthday party for him

RM enjoys showering his little companion with love whenever possible!

Rapmon too seems to be more at ease around his hyung now, thanks to which, fans get heart-melting selfies like these!

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