10 Facts About The Hot Florist From “Run BTS”, Flower Boy Isaac

Get to know BTS’s gorgeous florist.

In Episode 99 of Run BTS!BTS collectively fell for their handsome florist-teacher Isaac, and so did ARMY. If you’re dying to know more about him, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 facts about Issac.

1. He’s a literal model

If Isaac’s flower boy visuals didn’t shake your petals on Run BTS!, his Instagram photos definitely will!

These gorgeous photos are from his latest Instagram story. All we can say is, thank you, sir! Also, which gym does he go to? Asking for a friend…

2. He is an Aries

Isaac’s birthday is on April 4. This year he celebrated his special day with a birthday greeting, a birthday party, and more on TikTok.

3. He’s a TikToker

Some viewers were very surprised to see their favorite florist TikToker, @flowerboy_isaac, on Run BTS!. On TikTok, Issac arranged a special “BTS Purple Bouquet” inspired by ARMY’s favorite boys.

4. He speaks English

Handsome, talented, swol, and bilingual? It seems too good to be true, but it is. In this video, he thanks his admirers for their birthday wishes in English, saying, “I hope to be a creator who can give happiness.” 

@florist_isaac##birthday thank u so much 😍 If you post a congratulatory message on your Instagram story, tag me !♬ Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Theme) – Blue Brew Music

5. He teaches floral arrangement classes

That’s right. If you live in the area, you too can take in-person lessons from this handsome florist.

Just imagine. This could be you!

6. He can dance

In addition to sharing his love for flowers on social media, Isaac also posts videos of himself dancing. He has danced to “Kick It” by NCT 127

…”Call Me Baby” by EXO

…and more!

7. He likes animals

Try not to be jealous of this sweet doggy named Kitty.

8. What does he prefer?

Isaac chose “flower”, “coffee”, “dance”, and “iPad” on this TikTok list.

9. Withered flowers make him sad

10. He isn’t afraid to be silly

Isaac’s TikTok is full of videos of him channeling his silly side through lipsyncs, dances, and more.

Check out ARMY’s hilarious reactions to seeing Isaac on Run BTS!

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