BTS’s Jin Showed His Old Man Side By Going Senile On Set

BTS’s oldest member lived up to his ‘old man’ rep by having a hilarious memory lapse.

BTS‘s youngest member, Jungkook, likes to tease the eldest member about his ‘old age’, but recently Jin showed this “old man” side by going a little senile on set.


On Episode 59 of BTS’s variety show, Run BTS!, BTS played a series of guessing games. Before the games began, the members divided themselves into teams and chose their names.


J-HopeJungkook, and Suga surprised Jin by ‘stealing’ his name for their team name. Team “Kim Seokjin” has often won games in the past, so they were hoping to use its luck.


Jin strongly objected to a rival team using his name, but he was eventually overruled and he and RM settled on “Bba” as their own team name. Unfortunately, these names ended up scrambling Jin’s brain throughout the entire episode.


In each game, each team had to shout their team name before stating their guesses, otherwise their answers wouldn’t be considered valid. Nearly every single time Team “Bba” answered, Jin shouted “Jin” by mistake.


It didn’t matter how many times the members corrected him or he corrected himself, he just couldn’t stop!


Hopefully next time, Jin will avoid all this confusion by using his own name for his own team. For more, check out this compilation here.


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