BTS’s Jungkook Dedicated A Song To The Hyungs Who Raised Him

This sweet and silly dedication showed Jungkook’s older members how much he loves them.

Nothing says “I love you, hyungs” like an old fashioned serenade!

BTS‘s members didn’t raise Jungkook from birth, but they did help their “baby” to grow up into the amazing man he is today.

Jungkook never misses an opportunity to show love for his hyungs through his words, his actions, and even music.

In Episode 98 of Run BTS!, BTS continued their pajama party with guessing games, ASMR, and chaotic karaoke. Jungkook chose to sing an old but gold trot song: “Ripe Persimmon” by Na Hoona.

The song is about mothers, but Jungkook changed the lyrics to dedicated it to his motherly members instead. They loved it!

The show’s editors seized this opportunity to go wildin’. Behold, this montage of Jungkook moments with his “mother-like elder brothers”.

(Naturally, Jungkook’s eldest “mother” had to chime in about Jungkook’s creative license!)

Their “son” has grown up so much, but he’s still the same silly, talented kid they met all those years ago.

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