BTS Share What Factors They Think Made Them Gain Worldwide Attention…And They Are Truly Grateful

They are truly grateful to everyone that listens to their music.

A recent interview regarding BTS’s new Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7~The Journey~, was released online as members expressed their thoughts about their careers, what the members mean to them, and what they hope for the future. Let’s take a look at the factors of what made them gain worldwide popularity.


Understanding just how precious each one of the members are is even more important than performing or the career itself.

First off, knowing that the seven members knows what each of them has to do and what kind of career this is and having all seven members come together to create a synergy is a big part of it. There are different roles from music, dance, self-care, etc. Each of us knows what we are best at and so we are able to create a synergy from it. Another big factor is that aside from performance we all think of each other in a special and precious way. We also are always honored and grateful for our fans’ never-ending love and support.


I read an internet comment once and they said that we still had passion in our eyes. So I thought that this may be a factor.

They were also asked if they could feel the current state and their explosive popularity.


It’s interesting to see the perspective of the artist and ironically they don’t receive comfort or strength from their own songs.

Honestly, it’s hard for the artists themselves to feel it. Many people tell us and notice us but we as the creators and artists don’t really feel much. While many people listen to our music and receive strength and hope, we in turn don’t feel those emotions because we are the ones who directly wrote and made the music. But this month, after listening to our music, we could sort of understand and see why many people received solace and hope through our music.


He feels that there is no reason to exist if there is no one there to enjoy their music.

I am truly grateful to everyone who listens and enjoys our music and performances. It is to the people that listen to our music that gives us a reason to be here because without them we wouldn’t need to exist. It is because of our fans that we are even able to call this love and support a type of popularity. We are truly grateful for this and we will continue to show our best efforts.

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