BTS’s RM And V Share Some Hilarious Yet Sad Stories About How “Spring Day” Was Written

We could’ve heard “Spring Day” with V’s lyrics!

On a recent episode of Immortal Song, BTS shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes anecdote about the song, “Spring Day”. “Spring Day” is one of their best-loved songs that catapulted them onto the public radar, along with “I Need You”.

BTS shared that they find one of the key reasons for the song’s popularity to be that it is one that gives off a healing vibe. The boys themselves clapped in excitement when they heard the demo. On a more melancholic note, it was reported that RM and Suga related strongly to the song.

When we were really young, we’d all gather and go to the PC-bang together, and we’d talk about stuff like, oh yeah we played with this kid, hey do you know this kid, common conversations like that. These friends were really precious at one point of time. Then as I went up to Seoul, as we drifted, even these memories became blurry. They kind of became like stars to me, so I wrote the lyrics thinking about them a lot.


| BigHit Entertainment

V however, remembered the process for preparing the song, a little less, ahem, beautifully. He had also written up lyrics for the song! Upon showing them to the producer Pdogg, Pdogg had told him that they were good and might actually work. After a few days without news, he had expected his lyrics to be used for the final version.

However, Pdogg casually informed him that they decided to go with RM’s lyrics. Poor V!

RM also shared that he had been inspired at the park near the Han River and wrote the lyrics there. He even sang the demo with his lyrics for Pdogg and BigHit Entertainment‘s CEO, Bang Sihyuk to take a listen. Their response was incredibly unexpected as they told RM, “it seems good, but we’re really sorry to say this … we can’t tell if it is good because you’re singing it.

Jimin who had witnessed this spectacle, shared that it was mainly because RM’s voice was too low to hit the high notes in the chorus. The song ended up highly successful, so alls well ends well!

Catch the funny way the boys retold the story below!