BTS Never Disappoints As They Shower Fans With Content During The BTS Drought

Fans can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

After BTS‘s “ON” promotions ended and events and concert dates cancelled due to the outbreak happening worldwide, fans have been stuck in a drought of BTS content. Luckily, BTS knew this and showered ARMYs with a daily dose of content that kept fans alive during these hard times.

BTS’s Jin and Suga recently posted selfies on Twitter to keep fans entertained.

V took to Weverse and shared a bunch of selfies for our viewing pleasure!

Jimin turned on a live stream and gave updates on his life and his thoughts about the current situation around the world. Of course, RM decided to make a quick visit as well.

Previously, RM also held a live stream and gave his personal album review for the fans. He also touched on the subject of their concerts and expressed his raw emotions he was feeling about the things that he could not control.

The boys also released clips of them for Hyundai and Samsung and kept fans fed with fun and interesting content.

Fans were happy about all this content as well!

Jimin and RM also hinted during Jimin’s live stream that they are currently preparing for something, so keep a look out for some new content from the boys very soon!