BTS “Singularity” Just Proved A Major Fan Theory True, Here’s What It Means

A fan conspiracy theory has been proven with the release of BTS’s “Singularity” MV!

BTS‘s surprise release of “Singularity” seems to have proven a major fan theory regarding a certain flower!


Late in 2017, a conspiracy theory was uncovered by observant A.R.M.Ys when a selfie of Jin holding a bunch of flowers was uploaded to social media with the caption “Smeraldo”.


Korean fans found a blog on Naver called “Smeraldo Flower Shop” that showed a lot of similarities between the flower and BTS.

Several other coincidences were discovered by A.R.M.Ys, like the opening date of the flower shop being the same as BTS’s comeback in September 2017, the English translation of the address being “Love Yourself”, and the flower apparently being discovered on June 12, 2013 – one day prior to BTS’s debut. “Smeraldo” in flower language means “sincerity that could not be delivered”.


The theory that the flower held a special meaning to BTS’s comebacks were never confirmed but the flower made another recent appearance in “Singularity”!


V was seen holding the Smeraldo flower numerous times.


Fans are blown away by the reappearance and are convinced that the flower definitely holds a deeper meaning to the group’s big picture.


Some even speculate that the flower was a part of the group since their debut!


New fan theories began to merge with the old to show that the flower represents the truth behind the fake images we put on to please others.


Not only would that theory relate to the fans, but also the members themselves.


The theory definitely correlates with BTS’s overall theme of “Love Yourself”, where they encourage everyone to be comfortable with who they are, no matter what others may think of you.


Now that the Smeraldo flower’s connection with the BTS universe has been nearly been proven true, the question of what will be revealed in the upcoming album is on everyone’s lips.


It seems that with each question answered another takes its place, but A.R.M.Ys will just have to wait for the rest of the “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” album to be released on May 18!