BTS Is So Successful That Even Haters Aren’t Questioning Their 4 Daesangs

Even the haters know they deserve it.

BTS recently made history by sweeping all four Daesangs in the Melon Music Awards.

Aside from winning the much coveted “Artist of the Year” award, they also won “Best Record of the Year”, “Best Album of the Year”, and “Best Song of the Year”.

Usually, when a group sweeps the Daesang awards, there are always many people trending hashtags, questioning why the group won. This time, however, netizens noticed that there were no trending topics about BTS being undeserving of their wins.

So funnyㅋㅋ It’s my first time seeing Pann quiet like this after an awards ceremonyㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

With their numerous awards and nominations both locally and internationally, as well as their millions of fans around the world, BTS’s widespread popularity is undisputed.

They sold over 4M copies of their latest album, the “Boy With Luv” MV has over 13M likes and 600M views, they won the top prize at Billboard and AMA, and they had concerts in 60 countries with over 2.06M spectators, to name a few. Moreover, their votes were overwhelming.

– Netizen

You can watch their full performance below!

Source: Nate