Here’s How BTS Releases And Creates Their Songs, As Told By One Of Their Main Producers

BTS themselves have a huge role.

As BTS recently starred on Immortal Song, the episode heavily focused on how the group came to be the success that they are today. Not only was BTS invited to the show, one of their main producers, Pdogg, was also invited as a guest. During his time on the show, he shared with fans how the team comes up with the right song and lyrics for each comeback.

BTS, as many fans know, has always been an inspiration to fans. One reason for this is as they often throw in their own stories, personal experiences and advice they want to give to the youth, and present it as a concept for their music.

Pdogg stared how BTS and the BigHit producing team create their songs together.

BTS overall, is a team that tries to convey their own stories as messages. So if they have ideas, I listen to them, and as we discuss things, I take bits and pieces and try to reflect that into music.

— Pdogg

Perhaps that’s why all the members have such close relationships with each other and the staff! Be sure to stay tuned for their new album, BE, to be released 20 November 2020!