The Devil Works Hard, But BTS Works Harder – Here’s All The Songs The Group Has Released In Just 2020 Alone

We can’t wait for what 2021 has in store!

It’s no secret that the boys of BTS are always booked and busy. However, in 2020 alone, they have released over 80 songs to boot – about 70 odd if you remove all the remixes. Nevertheless, that’s still a hefty number, for a group that’s as busy as the boys themselves.

Here are all the songs they’ve released in 2020 alone.

1. 20 songs in “MAP OF THE SOUL : 7”

MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 gave us not only “ON” but 19 other songs including all the brilliant B-sides.

| BigHit Entertainment 

2. 13 songs in “THE JOURNEY”

The Japanese release for MAP OF THE SOUL : 7, the foreign album included pieces such as “STAY GOLD”.

3. 11 songs with “Dynamite”

Although known as a single, the song spawned 11 songs including remixes.

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4. “Savage Love”

Known as the BTS remix version.

5. 8 songs with “BE”

The latest album gave us 8 new songs.

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6. 10 songs from Agust D

Suga dropped 10 songs from his solo album.

7. Various online releases

These total 5 songs, including “Still With You”, “10000 Hours”, “Abyss”, “Christmas Love” and “Snow Flower”.

| pann

Wow, there’s certainly no group as busy as BTS! We can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring from them.


Source: pann