BTS’s Songwriter Reveals Her Bias And Bias Wrecker

Hint: They’re in the vocal line!

Do you struggle to pick a favorite BTS member when someone asks, “Who’s your favorite member?” Songwriter Candace Sosa can relate!

Candace Sosa | @candace_sosa/Instagram

Candace Sosa is credited on many BTS songs, including “Euphoria,” “Love Maze,” “Moon,” and “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.”

BTS Jin performing “Moon” | @seokjinsberry/Twitter

Candace Sosa did an interview with GEEKSPIN and shared how she felt watching Jungkook perform “Euphoria” for the first time.

I mean seeing all these lights and everybody singing along, it was so hard to hold back tears. I was like ‘I can’t even believe this is happening right now.’

— Candace Sosa

“Euphoria,” one of Jungkook’s solo songs, was the first song Candace Sosa collaborated with BTS on, so both “Euphoria” and Jungkook hold a special place in her heart.

BTS Jungkook performing “Euphoria” | @Taetaes_grapes/Twitter

When she was asked who her BTS bias is, she had trouble choosing between Jungkook and Jimin. She said she loves Jungkook “because he does ‘Euphoria’ and his voice is insane” but she does have “a slight thing for Jimin,” so she chose Jimin as her bias.

BTS Jimin | @hoscass/Twitter

Of course, ARMYs know choosing an absolute favorite member of BTS is a challenge, so many fans have a bias wrecker. Candace Sosa is no different!

| @candace_sosa/Instagram

Candace Sosa revealed that V is her bias wrecker. “I feel like…V. That’s my dude. He’s just so cute. I love his hair. I don’t know, he’s super cute,” she said.

BTS V | @jiminlude/Twitter

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