BTS Speaks Up About Racial Discrimination And Equality To Support #BlackLivesMatter


Global artists BTS have spoken up and shown support to the #BlackLivesMatter movement against racism and injustice. Many other K-Pop artists have also shown support through their social platforms. Below is the message BTS posted through their Official Twitter page.

BTS has also reportedly made donations to related campaign organizations. Big Hit Entertainment stated, “We are in the process of making a donation. The money is currently still in process of being sent so we are currently unable to reveal the organization and amount.”

BTS has always been an advocate for equality and justice and has always spread the message about speaking up and loving oneself. They have continuously expressed this through their music and through their words.

In 2018, they made a speech at the U.N and addressed the issues of race and gender identity and urged people to speak up for themselves.

You can listen to the full speech below.

They also changed the lyrics for “FAKE LOVE” in consideration for their global fans.

In 2015, they posted a message on Twitter that read, “I feel that people sometimes should be respected for just living and existing.”

BTS has shown throughout their career just how important it is to stand up for what is right and to do so while loving yourself. Their genuine message has influenced fans from all over the world and has given courage and hope for them to speak out and create change.

Source: newsis

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