BTS’s “Speak Yourself” World Tour Could Feature “Special Guests”

Fans predict that BTS’s mysterious guests may be these famous artists.

ARMYs are already hyped for BTS‘s Speak Yourself world tour, but now an exciting new possibility has everybody talking. Special guest appearances!


Every since BTS Speak Yourself tickets went on sale, many fans have wondered who the mysterious “special guests” could be who could appear at some of the shows.


Some fans say that one of the guests in question could be Halsey, who will be dropping “Boy With Love” with BTS later this week.


Other fans predict that TXT, BTS’s label juniors, could appear as special guests, thanks to a recent announcement.


On April 8, Big Hit Entertainment dropped the dates for TXT’s first US tour. TXT will be performing in Chicago on May 12, the same day BTS is scheduled for their second Speak Yourself Chicago show.


Some fans are now talking about the possibility of TXT showing up at one of BTS’s Chicago shows, either as special guests or as fans in the audience.


Other fans, however, are encouraging ARMYs not to get their hopes up. A similar “special guests” mention was reportedly made during BTS’s Love Yourself tour, but no special guests ended up appearing at the shows.


Special guests or not, ARMYs can’t wait to see BTS again in person. BTS’s Speak Yourself world tour begins on May 4, in Los Angeles.