BTS’s Staff Called Out V And Jungkook, And Their Reactions Are Everything

They didn’t know “Big Brother” was watching them this closely.

In a world of limitless technology, “Big Brother” is always watching…and so is BTS‘s staff.

In Episode 111 of Run BTS!, BTS continued their treasure hunt at the Hyundai Motor Studios. Each member had to search for the letters and numbers that would give him the passcode for the final treasure box, and he had to do it solo. No alliances.

That said, the staff stepped in to gently nudge the members in the right direction when they went off course.

In the behind the scenes video for this episode, the director calls out Jungkook like a teacher pointing out a lagging (but loveable) student in front of the whole class.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

“Jungkook,” the director said over the studio’s speakers. “please stop looking for the passcode and start looking for the real treasure chest.” 

When Jungkook heard his name, he looked up, surprised…

…and confused.

Wait, this isn’t the real treasure chest?

Jungkook wasn’t the only member that Big Brother was watching. The director also made an announcement for V.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

“Place the treasure chest back to its spot,” he said.

Immediately, RM and Jin called out the thief, who had no idea that he was a thief.

V thought that the staff’s surveillance was a little unsettling…

…but he did as instructed. He cutely raised his arms and made an “okay” sign to let the staff know that the treasure chest had been returned.