BTS’s Staff Is So Whipped For V That They Broke The Rules For Him

They couldn’t resist helping him out.

BTS‘s staff has a soft spot for “Good Boy” V, but then again, who doesn’t?

In Episode 111 of Run BTS!, BTS continued their treasure hunt at the Hyundai Motor Studio. Each member had to search for the letters and numbers that would give him the passcode for the final treasure box, and he had to do it solo. No alliances. No outside help.

Like a certain someone (*cough* Jimin *cough*) V had difficulty cracking the code. At first, he tried to bypass the process by just trying out random combinations…

…but the staff said no.

Alas, poor V wandered around, struggling to pick up the hints the staff had scattered around the studio. Luckily, one staff member couldn’t resist breaking the rules to help him out.

When V tried to remember which letter comes between “W” and “Y” (“S”. It’s “S”, right?)…

….a staff member told him the answer, “X”, by crossing their fingers.

The staff also pointed V in the right direction when he came into the airbag room by nodding and giving him encouraging hand signals to let him know he was on the right track.

V ended up being the second-last member to open the treasure box. Meanwhile, Jungkook struggled right up until the end when he realized the rest of BTS had gone home without him!