BTS Were Ready To Throw Hands At Their Staff, For Good Reason

Their patience ran out during this hilarious Run BTS! game.

Sometimes, “true love” is simply defined as, “not hitting someone you love even when you really, really want to”. For BTS, that “someone” turned out to be their staff!


In Episodes 79 and 80 of Run BTS!, BTS played a 007 game that was 50% treasure hunt and 50% betrayal. Finding cards and outwitting each other was tough enough, but BTS also had to hit all the curve balls their staff threw at them.


For one thing, BTS had to win games against the Game Masters, who refused to go easy on them. Jimin claimed that Mr. Chicken was being too harsh during this word game.


He also lost the longest Rock, Paper, Scissors game in history. Poor Mochi!


Jimin may not have liked Mr. Chicken, but Mr. Chicken was the only Game Master that Suga could deal with. After losing a game, Suga told this Game Master to get lost!


As the clock counted down, V tried to squeeze in a few more games, but the Game Master was against him. The capital city game just isn’t V’s strong point!


Jungkook also struggled with it. When this Game Master said “capital city”, Jungkook cutely punched a wall in trusfration, but viewers know who he actually wanted to hit!


Game Masters aside, BTS’s patience really ran out after the staff made a false announcement. BTS were told that the game had ended, but it was a mistake. They still had more time!


When the staff revoked the announcement, V couldn’t handle it. He let out a war cry that echoed through Lotte Duty Free!


Unfortunately, Jimin didn’t hear the announcement. If he had, the game may have ended differently!


Game losses and announcement mistakes aside, BTS had a blast playing 007 with the staff, and each other. Find out how it all ended here:

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