BTS’s Staff Favored Jungkook, And His Hyungs Weren’t Having It

Suga and Jin knew exactly what the staff was up to.

BTS‘s staff doesn’t play favorites. Oh, wait. Yes, they do!

In Episode 104 of Run BTS!, the members played musical cushions to decide the order in which they would choose their self-styled outfits. The goal was to create, not shop, meaning that BTS had to DIY their clothes using fabric paint, glue guns, and more.

To earn additional materials, BTS had to win mini-challenges with the staff, like “name that capital city”. Sometimes, Jungkook nails this trivia game…

…other times, not so much.

He isn’t 100% confident in his knowledge of capital cities, but he was willing to do whatever it took to get a gold chain. Without it, his gangster-inspired outfit wouldn’t be complete.

“What is the capital of Korea?” The staff couldn’t have given Jungkook an easier question…

…and his hyungs were not having it! Jin and Suga loudly complained…

…and RM looked totally betrayed.

As Suga would say:

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