BTS’s Suga Admits There’s Something He’s Never Tried Before… But Now He Feels Inspired To

“So I’m going to try it this time.”

BTS are releasing a “Deco Kit” that will be perfect for fans who enjoy being artistic. The “Deco Kit” is, as Jin describes it, meant to help with “decorating diaries.” As part of their promotion for the new merchandise, BTS released a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot process for the “Deco Kit.”

BTS’s Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Jin explains that the photos they’re taking for the “Deco Kit” will become stickers that fans can then use to decorate their diaries, along with other useful decorating tools like masking tape.


According to Jin, the members are each trying to replicate the “different things [you do] while decorating your diary.” So that the stickers can be used to express fans’ emotions while they’re writing.


And Jimin adds that the “Deco Kit” will even include their “handwriting that you can decorate your diary with.”

BTS’s Jimin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

So fans certainly have a lot to look forward to, especially since not only are diaries a fantastic way to express yourself and document special memories, but being able to take an artistic, fun approach to decorate them only makes the activity more exciting.

And, like Suga shares, hasn’t almost everyone “tried decorating a diary when you were little?”

BTS’s Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

But even though Suga knows that decorating a diary is a common experience, he confesses to the camera that he has never actually tried it before.


But, inspired by the “Deco Kit,” Suga plans to change that and try decorating a diary for the first time.


You can read more about the “Deco Kit” filming here.

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