BTS Unveils New “Deco Kit” — Here’s What That Actually Means

“IDK what it is, but take my money!” 🤣

Get your wallets ready, ARMY! BTS has revealed the trailer for their something brand new.


The “Deco Kit” trailer introduces each member one by one with a DIY and scrapbooking aesthetic.

Yes, they look flawless — but what exactly is a “Deco Kit?”

Many fans might have never heard of the term before, but others have theories on what this new product may be!

HYBE labelmate ENHYPEN has previously released their own deco kit, and the name is exactly what is suggests!


The adorable product contains a variety of photocards, polaroids, stickers, memo pads, journals, decorative washi tape, and more.


Basically, it’s heaven for any lover of creative and cute stationary!


Now that we have an idea of what it may contain, it’s time to preorder starting on March 4th!

Check out the full trailer below.


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