This Fanmade “Daechwita” Figurine Of BTS’s Suga Is So Realistic, It Will Blow Your Mind

ARMYs have endless talents!

Soul Brush, a YouTuber who creates figures through 3D printing, drawing, and painting, recently created a hyperrealistic figure of BTS’s Suga as Agust D in his latest music video “Daechwita.”

The details of this figurine were all modeled after this one still image from the video — and you can see how accurate it is!

Soul Brush reveals the total process took her a month of staying up late to complete it.

She started by modeling Suga’s head in a computer program and printed it using a 3D printer.

She then carefully sanded down any imperfections and hand-painted all of the fine details.

Even the delicate, intricate details of the clothes were copied.

Tiny, delicate pieces of jewelry were used to add finishing touches to this incredible work of art.

The close-up shots capture Soul Brush’s attention to detail — and not to mention utter talent!

To watch the full process of the figurine being made, check out the video below!

Source: Nate Pann