BTS’s Suga Shares How He Almost Collaborated With One Of His Favorite Artists

It didn’t end up happening.

BTS‘s Suga once revealed that he almost collaborated with one of his favorite artists!

BTS’s Suga

When BTS were guests on MBC Radio‘s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp, the members were asked who their biggest musical influences were. Suga revealed that the artist that influenced him the most is rapper T.I.

| MBC Radio봉춘라디오/YouTube 
Rapper T.I.

Suga then got asked if he ever called him for a potential collaboration.

| MBC Radio봉춘라디오/YouTube 

Suga then revealed that he was going to work on a remix with T.I. Not only that, but T.I. was also going to be included in his mixtape. However, things didn’t end up working out due to the timing of everything.

Actually, I was going to work on a remix with [T.I.], but I couldn’t. He was going to [be a part of] my mixtape, but the timing didn’t work out

— Suga 

| MBC Radio봉춘라디오/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!


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