BTS’s Suga, “Bright” Vachirawit Chivaaree, And ATEEZ Filmed At The Same Location But Served Totally Different Vibes

Iconic people, iconic location.

With so many music videos, movies, and TV shows filmed, it’s only to be expected that the same locations are used multiple times. For example, both BTS and ITZY filmed at an undeveloped land in Korea, near Incheon International Airport, for the “Permission to Dance” and “Not Shy” music videos.

Likewise, parts of the BTS’s “Black Swan” MV, P1Harmony‘s “Do It Like This” MV, and Hollywood film Don’t Worry Darling were filmed at the Los Angeles Theatre in the Broadway Theater District of Los Angeles.

Olivia Wilde (left) and Florence Pugh (right) in “Don’t Worry Darling.” | Warner Bros. Pictures.

Not just Korean and L.A. locations are used many times, though. A location in Thailand was filmed for BTS’s Suga, ATEEZ, and a hit Thai Drama series.

F4 Thailand | GMMTV

According to a Quora user, Top 10, the location in question is Bang Krachao Football Stadium in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand. It was built in 1972. While used for professional football matches until 2007, it is now abandoned and not in good condition. Still, it is being used occasionally for filming.

An abandoned private outdoor stadium at the northeast of Bangkok, Thailand

In BTS Suga’s Agust D “Haegeum” MV,” Suga finally kills his alter-ego boss/cop after being tortured at a mysterious abandoned location. The music video was filmed in Thailand, so the abandoned football stadium was perfect for the story.

Agust D “Haegeum” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

For ATEEZ’s Spin Off: From The Witness concept and “HALAZIA” MV, the group filmed in Thailand too. It appears that they filmed not only at the abandoned New World Mall but also at the abandoned stadium.


While it was a great location for Suga’s mafia-like concept, it also was an excellent choice for ATEEZ’s gritty dystopian world in their “HALAZIA” MV.


Yet, it was a true abandoned sports stadium in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, the Thai drama version of Yoko Kamio‘s hit manga Boys Over Flowers, starring “Bright” Vachirawit Chivaaree.

In this Thai adaptation of the classic story, F4’s bullying occurred at the abandoned stadium, called Köcher Stadium in the drama, on the school grounds, free from CCTV so that no one but the students would know about it.

“Bright” Vachirawit Chivaaree | GMMTV

So, even though it was the same location used for such iconic music videos, it served totally different vibes!

Source: Quora

Same Fit, Different Vibes