Suga Suddenly Sang “Let It Be” And This Is How BTS Reacted

This is how Suga showed his love for The Beatles.

BTS‘s Suga just couldn’t keep his love for The Beatles on lockdown.


On June 11, BBC Radio 1 released their “BTS: Korea to Wembley” interview just ahead of BTS’s June 13 debut anniversary. The members answered questions about their journey to stardom, their achievements, and more.


When asked about possible collaborations with UK artists, Suga brought up The Beatles’ Paul McCartney…and immediately burst out into song.


He got super into “Let It Be”…


…so RM just had to join in.

Speaking words of wisdom…

— RM (“Let It Be” lyrics)


Jin cracked a smile at this unplanned duet…


…but Jimin and Jungkook seemed to be cringing a little on the inside. J-Hope looked ready to sing along…


…and fans have been loving V‘s dumbfounded expression!


Check out more of the interview here: