BTS’s Suga May Not Find His Birthday The Most Exciting—But Here’s What He Thinks Makes It Better

He’s not the most excited birthday boy!

BTS‘s Suga may not share most people’s opinions about birthdays!

This year, he celebrated his special day with a live broadcast with ARMYs where he touched on why he’s so nonchalant about it compared to others.

It’s my birthday today. The day which is the same as any other day in the year.

— Suga

While most people would eagerly await their birthdays every year, he thinks it’s just like any other day.

I’ve never thought of my birthday as something so special in my life.

— Suga

Suga shared what he did every March 9 for the past few years. Because his schedules were always jam-packed, he could never catch a break, something he was not too upset about.

I had a meal. I think I worked on my birthday every year. I think I was never off.

— Suga

At the same time, his opinions changed ever so slightly thanks to one thing: ARMYs! Suga expressed how his birthday became more exciting after he debuted simply because of the efforts his fans put into it.

But after I made my debut, so many people celebrated it with me. So it became a special day for me. I don’t have much memories regarding my birthdays when I was young but now my fans celebrate it even more than I do so it became a special day.

— Suga

One thing’s for sure, ARMYs make everything special for BTS!

Source: Naver Live