Here’s What Suga’s Brother’s New Bakery Café in Jejudo Looks like

A Jejudo guesthouse shared inside photos of the new café.

BTS‘s Suga‘s brother recently opened a bakery café in Jejudo named Gongbech, and he even held a grand opening event that was joined by big stars such as Dynamic Duo, Heize, Zion. T, and Car, The Garden.

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Following the grand opening, a Jejudo guesthouse shared inside photos of the new café on their official Instagram account, and it’s absolutely beautiful, to say the least.


The shared photos show the café to be a refined yet comfortable space complimented by clean floors and glass walls.

And that’s not all. There’s even space within the café that includes nature such as trees and rocks.

And on the ceiling, there’s a window that allows the sun to shine in from the top.

What’s putting this café in the spotlight is the fact that the owner of this café is none other than BTS’s Suga’s brother, Min Geum Jae.

As a result, netizens who saw these photos are quickly adding this café to their bucket list for the next time they visit Jejudo.

Check out more shots of Suga’s brother’s new café below:


Source: Dispatch