BTS’s Suga Denied An Embarrassing Moment From His Past

He says he had nothing to do with this.

BTS‘s Suga doesn’t get embarrassed easily, but even he has moments that he’d like to leave in the past.


On Episode 63 of Run BTS, the members went back in time and returned to their school days. Six of the members dressed up as students, while Suga played the role of their teacher.


As soon as Suga introduced himself to the class, his noisy students started poking fun at him. V chimed by saying that Teacher Suga looked like someone he’d at a rap contest, years ago.


V was referring to Suga’s old audition tape for Big Hit Entertainment!


Suga kept a straight face and denied that he was the rapper in question, but ARMYs know better!


Check out Suga’s legendary audition tape here.