BTS’s Suga Revealed What He Dislikes About The K-Pop System

He shared that they experience much fatigue from this one thing they don’t even get paid for.

BTS‘s Suga is known for speaking his mind about everything. From topics such as music, to the idol industry, he has a no holds barred, honest attitude that calls for the admiration of fans. In an interview with Weverse Magazine, he once shared about the hardships of the idol industry promotional system, especially pertaining to the music shows and programs.

| Weverse

He was asked to share his thoughts about the promotional activities of his juniors.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that you have achieved most of the possible achievements in the music industry as an artist. However, what do you think is necessary in promotional activities for the artists that have come after BTS?

— Interviewer

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The way artists promote is so tough. As soon as their promotions start, they appear on a music show a day and they experience lots of fatigue and there are many cases where this stacks up and leads to injury. And despite that, it’s not like they get paid for music show appearances. And so, even though they are so active, there are no tangible results and so they will get discouraged. If it is possible, it would be good for them to have just one stage that is high in terms of completeness, but given the current situation, that’s quite hard. And the nature of our job isn’t one that is ordinary, so there are circumstances where the laws protecting it are quite ambiguous. I think the business system needs to be developed more.

— Suga

Music show promotional systems in South Korea is known to be taxing, with idols getting ready from dawn with hair and makeup and participating in rehearsals all day. However, music shows do not operate on a paid system for appearances as it is an opportunity that many artists, especially newbies, crave to let their names be known to the general public.

Source: Weverse