BTS’s Suga Finds It Difficult To “Fully Enjoy” Attending Concerts

“I used to have a good time.”

BTS Suga‘s most recent Suchwita guest was veteran actor Kim Nam Gil, who was equally as curious as the BTS member as the two celebrities shared stories about their creative processes and their respective professions.

Kim Nam Gil (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | BANGTAN TV/YouTube

Actor Kim Nam Gil and Suga compared the expectations and realities of their jobs, finding more similarities than they initially considered.

The veteran actor revealed that he was envious of idols’ opportunities to perform live, as actors perform on a set, with everything staged and set up for them.

Suga revealed he had his own fear about performing live, sharing that he worries about forgetting lyrics when there isn’t a teleprompter available at concerts.

When Suga made a special appearance at PSY‘s July 2022 Splash Show – 2022 Summer Swag concert in Seoul, he was “really nervous” due to the lack of a teleprompter and the fact the show was being recorded to be released as a DVD.

Kim Nam Gil wanted to know if he had ever attended other artists’ concerts as a member of the audience and whether he went for entertainment or to study the concert production.

Suga revealed that he often attends concerts and that he used to go to have a good time when he was younger. Now, he “can’t fully enjoy it” and often finds himself “analyzing” the show instead.

During the Suchwita episode, Kim Nam Gil discussed his friendship with BTS’s Jin and what happened when he went to him for advice regarding Suga.

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