BTS’s Suga Shyly Forgot That He Could Speak Korean — And It’s The Funniest Thing Ever

It’s really rare whenever Suga forgets his swag and becomes a soft cutie instead.

When you think of BTS‘s Suga, you may think of him as a cool rapper who loves spitting fire every time he performs on stage and captures the hearts of millions ARMYs worldwide.

You can also think of Suga as the group’s well-known “Savage God” who loves showing affection to his members by playfully bullying them and transforming them into shy cuties when he’s around.

But did you know that sometimes, instead of making other people shy, Suga can become shy, too?

Yes, it’s a rare sight since Suga usually has a calm demeanor — so when you see him get shy, you should take your chances and enjoy his cute embarrassed face, right?

It all started when Suga was filming for one of their earliest shows, American Hustle Life. During this particular episode, the boys were tasked to help with the housekeeping and organization of a hotel, and Suga went to look for the kitchen because he was in-charge of dish-washing.

He did a “plate-washing” motion to send the message that he was there for the dish-washing, but he said “polish” instead.

He had a difficult time saying the word “dish-washing” so he changed plans and mentioned “fork” instead, since he’d be washing cutlery, too.

The woman asked if he needed them, and Suga said “yeah”.

In the end, the lady he was talking to is actually a Korean, too, so she asked him if he knew how to speak Korean. Suga confirmed that he knew how to speak Korean…

…and had the shock of his life when the lady talked to him in Korean as well!

After speaking to her comfortably in Korean…

…Suga proceeded to his “work station” and started washing dishes: what an adorable and hard-working young man!

Here’s another cute moment of Suga — when he was sulking and pouting because of what his close friend J-Hope did. Check out the full details below and get ready for Suga’s aegyo overload.

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