Suga’s Story About G-Dragon Reveals How Much BTS Have Changed

They aren’t rookies anymore.

During a ‘Reaction Cam’ segment for M COUNTDOWN‘s 600th episode, BTS‘s Suga shared a story that reveals just how much things have changed for BTS since their debut.


In this much-anticipated special, BTS reacts to their debut performance.


In the preview, several members look back on, and briefly share moments from, their rookie days.


During Suga’s part, he told a story about his senior, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon.

“I remember G-Dragon sunbaenim came up to talk to me first. [He asked me] what my clothes said… it was so cheap, a 16,000 won hoodie with a graphic tee. I couldn’t tell him because I didn’t know what it said.”

— Suga


Suga said he was wearing a 16,000 won ($14 USD) shirt at the time. During BTS’s rookie era, the members couldn’t afford to wear the luxury brands they wear today.


Now, their outfits are worth thousands of dollars and come from top brands like GucciChanel, and more.


This drastic wardrobe change is just another sign of how much BTS’s lives have changed from their 2013 until now!

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For more, check out the full ‘Reaction Cam’ segment here.


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