This ARMY’s Unexpected Encounter With BTS’s Suga On Harvard Campus Is Making All ARMYs Proud AF

Here’s why Suga popped up on the walls of a student housing building.

Here’s a classic Bangtan kind of a story to send you some good weekend vibes: One ARMY’s unexpected encounter with BTS Suga(‘s picture) at Harvard University is now leaving all other ARMYs feeling 200% fulfilled and satisfied.


In a series of pictures, snapped and shared by an anonymous ARMY online, numerous stars’ portraits are posted on one of the walls at Harvard University’s Mather undergraduate student dormitory. According to the OP ARMY, this “exhibit” — under the name of “Mather Mental Health Week Exhibit” — was meant to display the most raw and honest celebrity interviews and/or works that served as consolation and encouragement for those suffering mental health issues.


The OP pointed out that Suga’s picture (though a Photoshopped version) came with the English translations of the lyrics to his — or Agust D‘s — most insightful track about his battle against depression: “The Last”.


The OP ARMY added it was quite a pleasant surprise to find Suga in the hallway…

I wanted to share this with everyone because it meant that Suga’s words have reached and touched enough people for him to be included in this exhibit, where all the students passing by the hall can see.

— Anonymous Harvard-ARMY


… and that it made him/her extremely proud to know that his music is being recognized for its worth — but moreover, that it is helping people realize their worths.

Suga knows exactly where he stands and how much power he holds. So he has created a place where ARMYs can freely discuss mental health. That’s BTS’s positive influence doing its thing at its best and I support that wholeheartedly… I am so, so proud to be an ARMY.

— Anonymous Harvard-ARMY


Here’s a deeper look at Agust D’s “The Last” track:

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Source: THEQOO