BTS Suga’s “That That” Hat Is Sparking A Funny Memory For Fans

They weren’t lying when they said Suga had a consistent style 😂

BTS‘s Suga and veteran artist PSY teamed up for the highly-anticipated song “That That” and didn’t disappoint with the funny scenes and smooth dancing. There was one detail that caught fans’ attention.

When Suga wore a cowboy hat towards the end of the music video, the look seemed a bit familiar to fans.

Although the animal print on the hat would catch anyone’s attention, it was the two feathers that sparked a memory Jin once told about Suga.

PSY and Suga. | @agustd/Instagram

As the group shared their first impressions of each other, Jin couldn’t forget what Suga had been wearing. Jin said, “When I first saw him, he wore this same kind of hat with a feather.” They even joked that he’d been wearing the same hat all those years since.

V made them laugh by saying that Suga kept dressing the same as he did back then. That’s when they all agreed “his style doesn’t change.

BTS knows each other better than anyone else because Suga still managed to bring back the look many years later.

See the group joke about Suga’s strong hold on his style and the music video that quickly became a hot topic.