BTS’s Suga Hopes To Come Down Gracefully By Performing On Stage Until The Very End

He will always be there for those that continue to listen.

BTS made a guest appearance on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block for their 99th episode. For this BTS special, the members had a fun time playing various games as well as talking about their thoughts on music, life, worries, and the future.

During the interview with Jin and Suga, host Yoo Jae Suk tells Suga about how they talked about something he had said that resonated with J-Hope. “We talked about this earlier with the other members about ‘fear of falling but not of landing’.” 

Suga revealed that although they were grateful for how far they’ve come, they still wonder if they deserve it.

We have to be able to see the ground to some extent. When we see the ground on an airplane, we know that we are flying, but if you are in the clouds, it doesn’t feel like we are flying. Although we are truly honored and grateful, we sometimes wonder if coming this far was what we really wanted.

— Suga

He expressed the pressure of receiving so much attention just for doing something that he loved.

It’s too burdensome. All we did was do our job by working hard, but people take it as we have contributed to the country, making it too burdensome.

— Suga

He felt that it was better to step down when they had the chance to instead of trying to stay in the spotlight.

I’ve seen a lot of other artists that couldn’t perform at venues after their time in the spotlight faded away. Ever since I was young, I thought that it would be better to step down when you can instead of being blamed and mocked by people for it.

— Suga

His wish is to continue to perform on stage for the fans, regardless of number or size.

I hope to continue to perform on stage until the very end. I think that is the best way to come down from the spotlight. Even if the audience reduces from 50,000 to 2,000 people, it is our way of landing gracefully by performing for those people.

— Suga

Suga concluded that because the fall was something that he had to endure with everyone, he was no longer afraid of the end.

Fans that watched the interview showed support by promising to stick with them until the end.

  • “He has such a great mind!”
  • “Let’s stay together until the end Yoongi!”
  • “I’m not even a fan and I agree with his words. I hope that all idols will be able to land gracefully at the end.”
  • “I love that they are people that think like this. Let’s stay together forever BTS!”