Suga Hyung Taught BTS’s Jungkook To Stick His Belly Out, So That’s What He’s Doing

Here’s to Jungkook’s cutest habit.

On June 23, 2019, at BTS‘s Magic Shop fan meeting event in Seoul, Suga hyung taught his boy Jungkook to stick his belly out when he’s feeling good about himself.


As Jungkook shared how accomplished he felt to have come such a long way, Suga chimed in to show Jungkook the proper way to be proud.

Suga: Please stick your belly out.
Suga: You have to stick your belly out when you’re feeling proud.
Jungkook: Huh? (Sticks belly out)


And so begun Jungkook’s most adorable habit:


A couple months later, at 2019 MAMA where he boasted his Wild Body look, he got to stick his belly out for his agency hoobae group TXT‘s win:


And at the most recent Magic Shop in Osaka, Japan, he was spotted in his proud Anpanman stance.


Though Jungkook is mainly muscle and barely has any “belly” to stick out, ARMYs still adore this little quirk and can’t wait to see more of his proudest moments!


Watch Jungkook be proud:

Source: THEQOO