BTS’s Suga-In-A-Cup Is Exactly Why ARMYs Love The “Bon Voyage” Series

Here’s your cup of Suga.

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage season 4, BTS‘s Suga was spotted casually hanging out inside a mug.


Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s the visual on that cup of Suga:


The production team had a blast framing it to make Suga look like he’s pitching his smol-but-significant ideas from the depths of his mug…

Sharing his thoughts from inside(?) his mug

— Caption


… and ARMYs are living for this kind of content, largely available from every cut and scene of BTS’s beloved Bon Voyage series!


Some artistic ARMYs have not missed this golden opportunity to create some quality fan-art of the Suga fairy:


With that said, ARMYs can’t wait for the next episode of Bon Voyage for whatever else visual UWU it has in store. The season can be purchased and viewed on Weverse.

Source: THEQOO